Vancouver is predominantly a service center. Since the 1960s, employment in finance, insurance, and real-estate-related activities has tripled, that in accommodation and food services has quadrupled, that in health and welfare services has quintupled, and that in services for business has increased eightfold. Employment in primary and secondary industries has declined relative to population.bB4我爱范文库


The majority of Vancouver's historic buildings are in the Gastown and Chinatown areas. Older sections of the city have undergone considerable change since 1960, when downtown high-rise office buildings and hotels were built. False Creek – a decaying industrial area with sawmills, rail yards, and small shops -- was transformed into a residential development project. Gastown, the original heart of the city, was restored in the 1880s style with antique stores and boutiques.bB4我爱范文库

温哥华的历史建筑大多坐落在盖斯敦和中国城地区。自1960年以来,温哥华的老城区发生了相当大的变化,市中心的摩天办公楼和旅馆拔地而起。法尔斯河这个锯木厂、铁路调车场、小店铺充斥其间的日渐衰败的工业区,已被改造为住宅发展区。旧城的市中心盖斯敦 区已重新恢复了 1880 年代的风格,古玩店和时装礼品店四处可见。bB4我爱范文库


It is always a pleasure to be among the best and the brightest in an atmosphere of learning. The university setting is the best incubator that exists for the inception and sharing of ideas. The agenda you’ve set forth here for the next two-and-a-half days is one that goes to the heart of what is exciting and important to business and industry today. I’ve been asked to share my thoughts with you today about moving from “me” thinking to “we” thinking. My view is simple: individuals add; team players multiply.bB4我爱范文库


Tsinghua undergrads are fortunate in that more and more your university is encouraging teamwork in your case work, stimulating the transition from “ me” to “we”. At Wilson, we, too, are making great strides in breaking down the psychological and organizational barriers that result from “me” thinking. Even though we have more yet to do, we have been reaping exciting rewards by effectively using work teams to reengineer processes to gain improvements in costs, quality and response times.bB4我爱范文库

清华大学的学生很幸运,因为贵校越来越提倡学生在案例学习中开展集体活动,促使“我”思维模式向“我们”思维模式的转变。我们威尔逊公司也正在努力打破那些由“我”思维带来的心理障碍和组织障碍。虽然我们还有许多事要做,但是由于我们在调整营运过程中有效地发挥了团队的作用,我们已经在降低生产成本、提高产品质量、缩短反应时间等方 面收到了令人鼓舞的成效。bB4我爱范文库


Our country has been a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for almost 30 years. Global economic issues are among the core elements of post- Cold War international relations and like other countries, we give priority attention to these issues. Our increasing dependence on international trade and the effects of world economic conditions on our domestic economy have led to a sharpened focus on international trade issues in the pursuit of our foreign policy.bB4我爱范文库


Our economic and political future is linked closely with those of its Asian and other Pacific neighbors. Our trade, investment and technology transfer, in the form of joint ventures with such countries, continue to grow. Through regular, reciprocal, high-level exchanges of visits, our close contact with their governments continues, particularly with the government of the People's Republic of China. We take the view that peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region depend on the ability of the region's countries to cooperate to maintain economic growth and political stability. We are keen to ensure the stability and security of this region and to develop mutually profitable trade, investment, technological exchanges and cooperation.bB4我爱范文库



You'll find restaurants for every situation in the United States. If you're in a hurry, you may just want to grab some "junk food" at a grocery store, or you can get a bite to eat at one of the many fast food chains, like McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, or Taco Bell. Or you can get a hero or submarine sandwich "to stay" or "to go" from a sandwich shop or deli.bB4我爱范文库


Some of these places have tables, but many don't. People eat in their cars or take their food home, to their offices or to parks. If you prefer sitting down but still don't want to spend much, you can try a cafeteria. At all of these places, you pick and choose your own food and then pay at a cash register, but you usually have to clear the table when you finish!bB4我爱范文库



上海的字面意思是指“海上之埠”,简称“沪”,别称“申”。上海面积为 6340 平方公里 , 占全国总面积的 0.06%,属冲积平原,地势平坦,平均海拔高度为 4 米,最高点大金山海拔103.4,常住居民达1700万。这是世界上最大的海港城市之一,也是中国最大的工业、商业、金融、航运中心之一。bB4我爱范文库

Shanghai is literally named as “a port on the sea”. For historical reasons, this city has acquired two additional names for short, “Hu” and “Shen”. Shanghai occupies a soil deposit plain land of 6,340 altitude of 4 meters above sea level, the 103.4 meter Dajinshan being the summit of this land. About 17 million people register as the city’s permanent residents. Shanghai is one of the world’s largest seaports and among China’s biggest industrial, commercial, financial and shipping centers.bB4我爱范文库

这里有着世界上最快的陆地交通工具——磁悬浮列车和亚洲最高的高塔——东方明珠塔,它们标志着上海的速度和高度。随着经济改革的日益深化,这座昔日被誉为远东金融、经济和贸易中心的城市正在为促进长江三角洲的经济发展起着龙头作用。与此同时,上海以她独特的风韵吸引着数百万计的海内外游客。作为一座国际大都市,上海的国际航班可直达 世界上 60 多座城市。bB4我爱范文库

Here you will see the world’s fastest means of land transportation, the maglev train, and the tallest tower in Asia, the Oriental Pearl Tower, marking metaphorically the speed and height of Shanghai. With its deepening economic reform, this city, formerly crowned as the financial, economic and trade hub of the Far East, is playing a leading role in boosting economic development in the Yangtze River Delta. Meanwhile, Shanghai has attracted millions of Chinese and overseas tourists with its unique charm. As an international metropolis, Shanghai provides direct flights to more than 60 cities in the world.bB4我爱范文库