Listening to Classical Music at Work Boosts ProductivityfxV我爱范文库

The next time you’re struggling to finish up a task at work, throwing on some Bach or Beethoven may worth a try. That’s the main conclusion of an experiment on British workers that found listening to classical music at work can improve productivity by 15%.fxV我爱范文库

An initial survey of 2,000 UK employees revealed that half regularly listen to music on the job. Some of those employees’ bosses reportedly encourage the practice, but others are strictly against it, believing it hurts work performance. So, British classical music station Scala Radio and psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman set out to determine if background music hurts or hinders workplace efficiency.fxV我爱范文库

Four office workers were asked to transcribe two 600-word sets of song lyrics. The first set was transcribed with no music playing, while the other was completed with classical music playing in the background.fxV我爱范文库

The first task, completed in silence, was completed in an average time of 20 minutes and 59 seconds. However, the second transcription exercise that involved music was completed in an average time of 17 minutes and 42 seconds; a difference of three minutes and 17 seconds, or 15%.fxV我爱范文库

“Music has a very powerful impact on the brain. It affects mood, mental performance and physical performance,” says Dr. Spelman in a media release. “Many people find that listening to certain types of instrumental music can help them with their productivity levels. The music can function as a sort of ‘white noise’, cancelling out potentially distracting ambient noise.”fxV我爱范文库

Scala Radio’s initial research had found that many British workers put headphones on first thing when they sit down at their desks to help them concentrate or block out distractions. A third of those respondents said they work harder while listening to music, and 40% think they get more work done.fxV我爱范文库

Many respondents said they listen to music simply to avoid silence (10%), and more than two-thirds of respondents who work from home said they would struggle to concentrate without music playing in the background.fxV我爱范文库

In all, 47% of those polled on their work listening habits said they feel less stressed with background music playing, while over a third said their productivity improves.fxV我爱范文库

“Provided the music has a calm, regular beat, it can actually help us to stay calm, reducing our stress, slowing our heartrate, and moderating our pulse,” says Dr. Spelman. “This makes it easier for us to focus on the task at hand rather than entering into ‘flight or fight’ mode, in which it can be very difficult to think clearly because of our elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol.”fxV我爱范文库



一项对2000名英国员工的初步调查显示,半数员工经常在工作时听音乐。据报道,一些老板鼓励这种做法,但其他老板则对此严格反对,认为这会损害工作表现。因此,英国古典音乐电台Scala Radio和心理学家贝基·斯佩尔曼博士着手研究背景音乐是否会损害或妨碍工作效率。fxV我爱范文库




Scala Radio的初步研究发现,许多英国员工坐在办公桌前时,第一件事就是戴上耳机,以帮助他们集中注意力或排除干扰。三分之一的受访者表示,他们在听音乐的时候工作更努力,40%的人认为他们在听音乐时完成了更多的工作。fxV我爱范文库






China’s Economy: The Open Road to DevelopmentfxV我爱范文库


Sun WeidongfxV我爱范文库



2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past 70 years, China has made amazing achievements in economic development and become the world’s second-largest economy. Its experience in maintaining high economic growth has been to persist in opening up. The historic decision of reform and opening up in 1978 started this process. In the past 40 years, China has pursued development with doors wide open, and made an impressive transition from being a largely closed society to one that’s open to the world in all respects. Opening up has greatly unleashed China’s productive forces, facilitated the free flow and efficient allocation of factors and resources at home and abroad, promoted China’s active integration into the global value chain, and pushed sustained and rapid economic development.fxV我爱范文库

During this period, China’s GDP has grown at an average annual rate of about 9.5%, and its foreign trade at 14.5%. The actual foreign capital utilisation is more than $2 trillion, with outbound direct investment growing more than 40 times. All the while, it has been deeply integrated into the global production and value chain system.fxV我爱范文库

China is not only the world’s second largest economy, but also the largest industrial country, the largest foreign exchange reserve country, and the largest contributor to global economic growth. Meantime, China has also explored a new path for the development of late-developing countries.fxV我爱范文库


Openness brings progress, and is an indispensable impetus for emerging economies. China’s achievements in the last 40-odd years have confirmed this point, as have the development paths of some other Asian economies. Openness is also a prerequisite for international economic and trade cooperation.fxV我爱范文库

China and India have huge markets, complementary industrial structures, rapid economic development and broad prospects for cooperation. To promote bilateral trade and investment, maintaining balanced development of economic and trade cooperation is the right choice for both sides, and serves common interests.fxV我爱范文库


Opening up, however, may also bring many challenges. The Chinese response has been to stay positive, gain correct understanding, dare to reform and turn crisis into opportunity. Over the past four decades, especially after China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, some domestic industries have suffered considerably. However, by accelerating domestic reforms, improving the business environment and adjusting the industrial structure, China’s domestic industries have not only survived but have also become more competitive globally.fxV我爱范文库

Globalisation is an irreversible trend. Countries should seize the opportunity, follow the trend, actively participate in bilateral and multilateral trade arrangements, and integrate into the international value chain. One should learn to swim while swimming, and ride the tides in the vast ocean of the world markets. Only after going through storms can we improve our international competitiveness.fxV我爱范文库


China’s high-quality development can only be carried out under more open conditions. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that ‘China’s door to openness will not be closed, it will only open wider’. Today, China continues to accelerate this pace, substantially easing market access, fully liberalising manufacturing, and creating a more attractive investment environment. The country welcomes companies from all over the world to actively explore the booming Chinese market, and call on all countries to continue opening up their own markets.fxV我爱范文库


Of late, though, unilateralism and protectionism have been on the rise, and multilateralism seriously impacted. As the world economy undergoes profound adjustments and changes, only by continuing to open up can countries benefit each other, achieve common prosperity and maintain sustainable development.fxV我爱范文库

China’s development is inseparable from the world, and the world needs China for continued prosperity. It is firmly committed to openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefit, and firmly upholds the multilateral trading system, oppose protectionism of all forms, promote global trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation, promote regional economic integration, and advocate an open world economy.fxV我爱范文库


Openness is not only an idea, but also an action. It is reflected not only in ordinary but also in difficult times. At present, the Chinese government and people are making all-out efforts to combat the novel coronavirus (nCoV), and have taken comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures. As a responsible country, China’s efforts are not only protecting the health of its own people, but also that of the people of the world, including India. The epidemic will eventually end, and China’s positive economic trend will not change. It is important to take a long-term perspective. Countries should follow WHO recommendations, stay calm, strengthen cooperation, and keep imports and exports open. We should also resume and maintain trade and the movement of people, creating favourable conditions for greater openness and broader cooperation.fxV我爱范文库


阿里巴巴进军英国 两个数据中心落地伦敦fxV我爱范文库



随着全球云计算市场的发展,企业经验的增加让企业产品、技术和部署日趋成熟。IT产业研究机构Freeform Dynamics主管、著名分析师托尼·洛克认为,阿里云来到欧洲,不仅是一个对于该公司而言重要的里程碑,而且对于市场而言,欧洲、中东、非洲(简称为EMEA)的企业都多了一个重要的全球云选择机会。”fxV我爱范文库




Alibaba Cloud Expands to UK with Two Data CentersfxV我爱范文库

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Alibaba Group founded by Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, announced the opening of two availability zones in the UK on Monday in addition to its Frankfurt and Dubai data centers launched in 2016.fxV我爱范文库

Similar to those locations, the UK data centers will offer 24/7 on-site support, including elastic computing, storage and database capabilities, network and application services and analytics, security and engineering, among other services, which satisfy the growing demand of Chinese overseas and European clients. Stronger disaster-recovery capabilities will be established given that the data is spread between the two available centers.fxV我爱范文库

With the development of the global cloud computing market, increasing enterprise experience has led to a maturity of products, technology and deployments of companies. Tony Lock, Distinguished Analyst and Director of Engagement of information technology consultancy Freeform Dynamics, said that the arrival of Alibaba Cloud to Europe is an important milestone not only for the company, but for the market, by providing another significant worldwide cloud option for businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).fxV我爱范文库

In the increasingly complex, digitally-driven world, Alibaba Cloud is a robust and scalable public cloud platform that will offer British partners insight into the Chinese market, according to Sean Harley, chief information officer at Ascential, a London-based marketing optimization service that uses the Alibaba Cloud in China.fxV我爱范文库

Alibaba Cloud is the world’s fifth-largest cloud provider, behind Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. With its latest facility, Alibaba Cloud now has 52 availability zones in 19 regions around the world, including the five largest cloud computing markets: The United States, the UK, Germany, Japan and China.fxV我爱范文库

“At Alibaba Cloud, we are – and always have been – committed to our customers. Our expansion into the United Kingdom, and by extension into Europe, is in direct response to the rapidly increasing demands we have seen for local facilities within the region,” said Yeming Wang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud EMEA, in an interview with Businesswire. “Using AI-powered and data-driven technology, our latest data centers will offer customers complete access to our wide range of cloud services from machine learning capabilities to predictive data analytics – ensuring that we continue to offer an unparalleled level of service.”fxV我爱范文库


Revealed: Why You Should Never Dunk a Biscuit in a Cup of Tea in the OfficefxV我爱范文库

职场饼干文化:独享惹人厌 分享更快乐fxV我爱范文库

Tens of thousands of workers across the country enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit at their desks but now a study has revealed you should never dunk at the office if you want to keep your colleagues on side.fxV我爱范文库


Dunking at your desk is considered a major faux-pas by a fifth of British tea drinking office workers, according to a new survey of 2,000 employees by McVitie’s.fxV我爱范文库


That’s in spite of a whopping 71 percent admitting they love to soak their biscuit in a cuppa.fxV我爱范文库


The study also showed that other deplorable biscuit offences include opening a packet of biscuits that didn’t belong to them, reports Cosmopolitan.com.fxV我爱范文库


Leaving a trail of crumbs on someone’s desk was also considered to be an abomination, with 38 percent calling this a major faux-pas.fxV我爱范文库


Biscuits don’t always divide colleagues however, according to another study.fxV我爱范文库


A previous survey by McVitie’s found that half of British workers say sharing the sweet treats with colleagues makes them feel happier, with more than a quarter saying they even helped forge stronger relationships.fxV我爱范文库


Ten percent of office workers say that sharing biscuits even helped them bag a romantic date with one of their colleagues.fxV我爱范文库


According to the research, people in social care are the biggest biscuit sharers at work, followed by accountants and teachers.fxV我爱范文库


However, some workforces love their biscuits so much, they just can’t bear to share them, with more than a third of British workers confessing to going to great lengths to keeping them all for themselves.fxV我爱范文库


More than a quarter of construction workers have eaten biscuits in their car so colleagues wouldn’t see, while 17 percent of IT workers confess to eating biscuits on the sly.fxV我爱范文库


And a fifth of those working in hospitality and entertainment admit to hiding away their treats in the company toilet so they can enjoy their favorite biscuits in secret.fxV我爱范文库


Judi James, communication and body language expert, told FEMAIL: “We live in a digital world where we’re more connected than ever, with a growing number of ‘digital friends’, but it’s those moments of real human connection that are increasingly important and help to support our own physical and emotional health.”fxV我爱范文库


“The simple act of sharing biscuits with friends or colleagues can facilitate those little moments of face-to-face connection that can have a significant impact on your work and social life.”fxV我爱范文库