ON JANUARY 1st the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation did something that may help to change the practice of science. It brought into force a policy, foreshadowed two years earlier, that research it supports (it is the world’s biggest source of charitable money for scientific endeavors, to the tune of some $4bn a year) must, when published, be freely available to all. On March 23rd it followed this up by announcing that it will pay the cost of putting such research in one particular repository of freely available papers.jXU我爱范文库


To a layman, this may sound neither controversial nor ground-breaking. But the crucial word is “freely”. It means papers reporting Gates-sponsored research cannot be charged for. No pay walls. No journal subscriptions. That is not a new idea, but the foundation’s announcement gives it teeth. It means recipients of Gates’ largesse can no longer offer their wares to journals such as Nature, the New England Journal of Medicine or the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, since reading the contents of these publications costs money.jXU我爱范文库



1. 其实不仅仅是文艺综艺类的节目关注中国文化,就像我主持的《新闻联播》节目,刚刚过去的春节里,大家都注意到了老百姓自拍的《厉害了 我的国》,在百度搜索量已经超过了1个亿。jXU我爱范文库

Chinese culture features prominently in a wide range of programs other than entertainment and variety shows. A case in point is the CCTV News of which I am an anchor/presenter. During the last Spring Festival, a program entitled “You rock, my country!”(Chinese characters: 厉害了 我的国) shot by ordinary people themselves captured extensive attention, garnering/registering/recording/posting over 100 million searches (search queries) at Baidu, China’s answer to Google.jXU我爱范文库

2. 有一个观众说《新闻联播》怎么成了催泪弹,很多观众看完以后直戳心窝子,戳中了他们的泪点,但是就算哭,他们也特别喜欢看,也愿意看。为什么这些节目老百姓这么爱看?为什么这么火呢?jXU我爱范文库

One viewer said that CCTV News has somehow become a tear-jerker. Indeed, tears of joy and pride welled up in the eyes of quite a few viewers, who were fond of watching the footage series that relate well to their life. The thing is: Why are these programs so popular with our people after all?jXU我爱范文库


Norman Joseph Woodland was born in Atlantic City on Sept. 6, 1921. As a Boy Scout he learned Morse code, the spark that would ignite his invention.jXU我爱范文库

诺曼·约瑟夫·伍德兰(Norman Joseph Woodland)于1921年9月6日出生在亚特兰大。参加童子军时,他曾学习过摩斯密码,这为他日后的发明提供了灵感的火花。jXU我爱范文库

After spending World War II on the Manhattan Project , Mr. Woodland resumed his studies at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia (it is now Drexel University), earning a bachelor’s degree in 1947.jXU我爱范文库


As an undergraduate, Mr. Woodland perfected a system for delivering elevator music efficiently. He planned to pursue the project commercially, but his father, who had come of age in “Boardwalk Empire”-era Atlantic City, forbade it: elevator music, he said, was controlled by the mob, and no son of his was going to come within spitting distance.jXU我爱范文库


The younger Mr. Woodland returned to Drexel for a master’s degree. In 1948, a local supermarket executive visited the campus, where he implored a dean to develop an efficient means of encoding product data. The dean demurred, but Mr. Silver, a fellow graduate student who overheard their conversation, was intrigued. He conscripted Mr. Woodland.jXU我爱范文库


An early idea of theirs, which involved printing product information in fluorescent ink and reading it with ultraviolet light, proved unworkable.jXU我爱范文库


But Mr. Woodland, convinced that a solution was close at hand, quit graduate school to devote himself to the problem. He holed up at his grandparents’ home in Miami Beach, where he spent the winter of 1948-49 in a chair in the sand, thinking.jXU我爱范文库







我国有 13亿人口、9亿劳动力资源,人民勤劳而智慧,蕴藏着无穷的创造力,千千万万个市场细胞活跃起来,必将汇聚成发展的巨大动能,一定能够顶住经济下行压力,让中国经济始终充满勃勃生机。jXU我爱范文库



As the force that has traditionally driven economic growth is weakening, it is imperative that we intensify structural reform, boost efforts to implement the strategy of pursuing innovation-driven development, and upgrade traditional engines while creating new ones for driving development.jXU我爱范文库

We will increase the supply of public goods and services, increase government input in areas like education and health care, and encourage nongovernmental participation to improve the efficiency of supply. This will bolster weak spots and benefit the people, as well as increase demand and promote development.jXU我爱范文库

At the same time, we will also encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations, which will not only create more jobs and increase personal incomes, but also improve upwards social mobility and social equity and justice.jXU我爱范文库

China has a population of 1.3 billion and a workforce of 900 million. Our people are hardworking and talented, and there is no limit to their ingenuity. When an abundance of market cells spring into life, they will form a mighty driving force for development, ensuring China's economy remains resilient in spite of the downward pressure on it, and continues to be full of life and dynamism. The government should be bold in imposing a reform on itself so as to leave ample space for the market and society to play their respective roles and level the playing field for fair competition- Individuals and enterprises must have the mettle to promote their business development and make innovations, and our society needs to nurture a culture of entrepreneurs hip and innovation. In this way, while creating wealth, people will be able to meet their cultural and intellectual needs and realize their full potential in life.jXU我爱范文库