Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.sNf我爱范文库

中国深化改革开放,构建发展新体制。发展根本上要靠改革开放。必须全面深化改革,坚持和完善基本经济制度,建立现代产权制度,基本建成法治政府,使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用和更好发挥政府作用,加快形成引领经济发展新常态的体制机制和发展方式。“一带一路”建设取得重大进展,国际产能(industrial capacity)合作实现新的突破。对外贸易向优进优出转变,服务贸易比重显著提升,从贸易大国迈向贸易强国。sNf我爱范文库


We need to deepen reform and opening up to create new institutions for development. Fundamentally, development relies on reform and opening up. We must deepen reform across the board, uphold and improve the basic economic system, establish a modern system of property rights, and see that a rule of law government is basically in place. It should be ensured that the market plays the decisive role in resource allocation and the government better plays its role, and work should be accelerated to create the systems, mechanisms, and growth model that will guide the new normal in economic development. We should work for significant progress in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative and for new breakthroughs in our cooperation with other countries on industrial capacity. We should promote the optimization of imports and exports, significantly increase the proportion of trade in services, and promote China’s transformation from a trader of quantity to a trader of quality.sNf我爱范文库




Many recent college graduates can’t find a job and students are fearful about their future. Two-thirds of Chinese graduates say they want to work either in the government or state-owned firms,which are seen as recession-proof, rather than at the private companies that have powered China’s remarkable economic climb, surveys indicate. Few college stu?dents today, according to the surveys, are ready to leave the safe shores of government work and jump into the sea to join startups or go into business.sNf我爱范文库




There are a number of remarkable achievements during the reign of the Han dynasty, which first unlocked the door to other cultures and made foreign trade prosperous. The Silk Road which the Han dynasty has explored led to Central and Western Asia, and even to Rome, with all varieties of art schools flourishing and many works in literature, history and philosophy.sNf我爱范文库

2. 最出名的就是门神和三大神——福神、薪神和寿神(Three Gods of Blessing, Salary and Longevity),寓意着庄稼丰收,家畜兴旺和庆祝春节 (CET-4,6)。sNf我爱范文库

The most famous ones are Door Gods and Three Gods of Blessing, Salary and Longevity, symbolizing/which symbolize the good/abundant harvest of crops, the prosperity of domestic/home animals and the celebration of the Spring Festival.sNf我爱范文库

3.呼伦贝尔草原( Hulunbuir pasture land) 总面积约 10 万平方公里,天然草场面积占 80%,是世界著名的三大草原之一。这里冬季寒冷干燥,夏季炎热多雨。被世人誉为世界美丽的花园。 呼伦贝尔大草原是中国当今保存完好的草原,也是一片没有任何污染的绿色净土。这里出产肉、奶、皮、毛等产品,备受国内外消费者青睐。被人们盛赞为北国碧玉,人间天堂。(预测)sNf我爱范文库

With a total area of 100,000 square kilometers and its native pasture taking up 80% of its area, Hulunbuir pasture land is one of the three famous pasture lands in the world. The weather there is cold and dry in winter, hot and rainy in summer. It is honored as a wonderful garden of the world. The pasture is a green land without any pollution as well as a well-preserved pasture land in China now. Products such as meat, milk, leather and fur are produced here, which are welcomed by customers from home and abroad. It is hailed as a piece of jade in North China and a paradise on earth.sNf我爱范文库

4. 中国国画的根源可以追溯到新石器时代的陶器( Neolithic pottery),比如鱼、青蛙、鹿、鸟、花、树叶的形状。 最早的中国汉字是象形文字( pictograph)。由于相似的工具被使用于最早期的绘画和书写,绘画被认为与书法( calligra-phy) 有着相同的起源。 这样一来,中国国画就有着一种非凡的特征,也就是说,诗意和书法被印刻( inscribe) 在画中,从而三者合为一体,给人们一种更加强烈的美的享受。(预测)sNf我爱范文库

The roots of Chinese painting can be traced back to the paintings on Neolithic pottery, such us figures of fish, frogs, deer, birds, flowers and tree leaves. The earliest Chinese characters are pictographs. As the similar tools are used in the ear- liest paintings and writings, painting is considered to have the same origin with cal- ligraphy. Thus, the Chinese painting has its own special feature, that is to say, po- etry and calligraphy are inscribed in the paintings so that the three are integrated,leaving people to enjoy a strong sense of beautysNf我爱范文库




我们的身体夜晚需要休息,白天需要清醒。大多数人每晚需要8到8.5个小时的睡眠才能正常运转。找到更多的时间、更好的睡眠方法可能是个挑战。科学家已经确认了80多种不同的睡眠紊乱症(sleep disorders)。有些睡眠紊乱症是遗传的。但是,许多睡眠紊乱症是由于熬夜,经常跨时区旅行以及上夜班而引起的。sNf我爱范文库


Sleep DisorderssNf我爱范文库

Our bodies want to sleep at night and be awake during the day. Most women and men need between eight and eight and a half hours of sleep a night to function properly throughout their lives.Finding ways to get more and better sleep can be a challenge. Scientists have identified more than 80 different sleep disorders. Some sleeping disorders are genetic. But many problems are caused by staying up late and by traveling frequently between time zone or by working nights.sNf我爱范文库



中国是唯一一个3000多年都用一种语言进行文学创作的国家,这主要是由书面语言本身的性质决定的。 中国有非常古老、丰富的文学、戏剧和视觉艺术传统。早期的著作一般源自哲学或宗教文章,如孔子和老子的作品 除了哲学、宗教和历史作品外,中国很早就有诗歌、小说和戏剧。唐朝时期,诗歌作为文学形式的地位得以确立。戏剧是另一种古老且重要的文学形式。中国的戏剧通 常结合了地方语言、音乐和歌曲,因此深受老百姓欢迎。sNf我爱范文库


Throughout the world,China is the only country where literature has been developed in one language for more than 3,000 years, which mainly arises from the characters of the written language itself. It has very old and abundant traditions in literature, drama and visual arts. In the early days, its works usually came from philosophical or religious essays. such as the works of Confucius and LaoTzu.In addition to philosophical, religious and historical works, China have early also boasted poetry, novels, and dramas During the Tang Dynasty, poetry had been well established as a literary form. Drama is another ancient and important literary form.Chinese drama usually combines local languages with music and songs. Therefore, it enjoys deep popularity among common people.sNf我爱范文库



书法(calligraphy)是中国文化的精髓。书法在中国随处可见,与日常生活紧密相连。书法作品能装点客厅书房和卧室。书法作品通常是一首诗、一副对联或主人很喜欢的座右铭。主人亲自书写的作品将体现他的愿望、 兴趣以及文学或艺术才华。一幅书法作品可以给白色的墙壁增添活力,为宾客友人带来快乐。sNf我爱范文库


Calligraphy is the essence of Chinese culture.lt can be found everywhere in China, and is closely linked to daily life. Calligraphic works can be used to decorate sitting rooms. studies and bedrooms. A calligraphicwork is usually a poem, a pair of couplets or a motto the owner likes very much. If the calligraphic work is written by the owner himself, it will demonstrate his wish and interest as well as his literary or artistic talent. A calligraphic work can bring vitality to the white wall, and bring pleasure to guests and friendssNf我爱范文库