1. Different people have different views. Some people think A, while some think B. In my opinion, I think that A is a more reasonable choice.gVF我爱范文库

2. In this argument, the author concludes that______. At first glance, the author’s reasoning seems to be appealing, while clearly examining the author’s reasoning, we may find that it is unconvincing. The argument contains several facets that are questionable.gVF我爱范文库









The goal of politics should not be the pursuit of an ideal, but rather the search for common ground and reasonable consensus.gVF我爱范文库



I safely agree with the speaker's argument that the search for common ground and reasonable consensus is the goal of politics. But I am reserved to support his or her idea that the goal of politics should not be the pursuit of an ideal. The pursuit of an ideal is not doomed to conflict with the search for consensus.gVF我爱范文库

Politics, as it was defined is an art of balancing, that is to keep subtle balance between different parties, which represent vested interests of different groups, hold different ideologies, to harmonize disparate social organization such as Green peace organization and Arms manufacture association, to concert different development plan and the like. Various interests of different groups intertwined together, forming a huge net. It is this net that restrains any individual part's self-intention and possible partial proposal, makes the leaders think over before leap. In this way, the policy making would be more stable and reasonable, meanwhile the majority’s interests could be taken care of. A convincing example in this point is the nomination of the candidate of President in certain party. One must be selected from tens of candidates who are on the behalf of different groups. At first, every group may name his own representatives,but the winner is single. After seeing his nomination is not supported by the majority,thus has no chance to win, they will compromise on the premise that their core interests are ensured, select the one who can be accepted by most groups if not all to reach reasonable consensus, This interacting relation is the fundament of democracy, which marks a country's civilization degree and propel the society to forge ahead.gVF我爱范文库

When it comes to another point of the speaker’s argument, namely the goal of politics should not be the pursuit of an ideal; my attitude sharply varies between different explanations and comprehensions on the key word- ideal. If ideal was defined as impractical ideas- castle in the air, of course, it should not be the base for the policy-making. The leader with hollow ideal may lead his people to abyss, such as the former Iraq president ‘s dream of his “Arab empire”. However, if the ideal was defined as certain ground and reasonable ambition, it could even be argued that the very difference between politician and statesman comes from the pursuit of ideal. Politicians do with the ideal, statesman without. The most brilliant politicians in the history are those who are harboring holy but ground ideals, cherish their ideals as the source of commitment.gVF我爱范文库

In a sum, politics has its specific trait, once an individual steps on the power stage; he (or she) will greatly influence the rest of people, and his (or her) decision impacting the interests of various groups are unavoidable to be the result of compromise, a wiser politician will pursuit their reasonable ideals and move ahead on the process of compromise.gVF我爱范文库


Success, whether academic or professional, involves an ability to survive in a new environment and, eventually, to change it.gVF我爱范文库



Many wonder the intrinsic impact of industrial revolution over the last century. Is it a blessing or a curse? Ever since the invention of steam engine, mass production enabled factories to make out products in a madly efficient manner, while machines also supplanted innumerous traditionally skilled artisan, forcing them out of work. Gone are the days when they boasted of their craftsmanship that they assumed to be able support their family all their life. Consumers became more aspiring to novel design instead of durability as goods were made to be discarded.gVF我爱范文库

Hundreds years later, with the first installation of integrated circuit on the chip, another profound turnover took place. Now the computer pervades our life so much that one may find himself half illiterate in absence of input skill. This time, thousands of jobs were created in Silicon Valley, transforming some of the few into billionaire over one night. Nevertheless, the original inventor might not expect that the ensuing slow down and thus recession in IT sector would approach so soon in less than 10 years, which is obviously less than a presumable 15 years time normal for a periodical change.Positive or negative, one mark that characterizes the technological bombardment indicates a constant fact: changes exist ubiquitously and operating at an ever-increasing tempo; those who fail to catch up with the torrent of change would ineluctably engulfed by billows, floating no where and eventually dissolve as negligible bubbles.gVF我爱范文库

Favors as well as opportunities goes to who adapt to the contemporary trend. Fully recognizing this axiom, long before the scientists announced accomplishment of sketches of human genes or earlier successful cloning of Doris, candidates preparing for university admission have smelt the sense. Today, in the U.S., biology and its branch disciplines become the first choice for top students of senior high, determining that this subject, foretold as the third wave in technology, could bring them brilliant future as “Bill Gates” dreamt the same in the previous wave.gVF我爱范文库

In addition to academic realm, respect would be paid to people who though deprived of their past secure professions, choose not to be a loser in the whimsical society. Like the artisans who lost jobs, a vast number of skilled laborer in China’s city of Wengzhou have undergone darkness and depression in those old days. However, after years of endeavor and refinement, they prove their value again. By accurately posit the economic trend and market demand, they play an active role in almost all economic sectors, garments, catering and lodging, hi-tech industry, you name it.gVF我爱范文库

While ability honed in surviving the fickleness of the world makes the path through success shorter, it is essential for the more ambitious to acquire the pith of reformist and lead the trend. In this way, it could help him distinguish from the mediocracy and platitude. This is absolutely not an easy task. Inborn insight and foresight are needed to tell uncommon out of the commonplace; extraordinary perseverance and encouragement is a must to face the coming challenges against his iconoclasm. Very few people crowned with triumph possess this quality, whether the Nobel Prize winner or those who makes coverage on the Times.gVF我爱范文库

In sum, as shown in the course of history, success, whether academic or professional,involves an ability to surviving in a new environment and---, eventually, ---to change it.Now some elite persons have again forecast that another social change is impending.Are you ready for that?gVF我爱范文库



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